Research Updates

Quenda-Friendly Garden Project UPDATE

by Amanda Kristancic, 17/05/19

It would appear that my previous promise of an update in early 2018 was a little too ambitious! Those of you who were involved in the project will know that I had a baby in September 2017. I had some time off and came back to work part time! So this has slowed things down significantly.

One of our honours students, Joe, is about the submit his thesis – and has some interesting findings about the interactions between humans and quenda in urban gardens, based on interviews done with residents in 2017. Stay tuned for these results in due course… šŸ™‚

Data analysis is ongoing for the Quenda-Friendly Gardens project and I’m not silly enough to make another over-ambitious promise so let’s just say I hope to update you soon on the results of this study!

Quenda-Friendly Garden Project

Between April and September 2017, our research team visited more than 70 residential gardens in Mandurah and surrounds, seeking to discover whether particular characteristics of certain gardens made them more attractive to quenda visitors. Preliminary results, based on 37 properties, were presented at the International Mammalogical Congress in July 2017 (see below for a summary of the research so far). Data analysis continues for the remaining gardens – stay tuned for an update early 2018!

A huge thank you to all the participants who welcomed us into their gardens and their homes – we couldn’t do this without you!

Quenda-Friendly Gardens Research Summary 2017 (click to view pdf)